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My life as I knew it changed suddenly and quickly at 8:20 am on 18th October 2006. I suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) when two heavy metal gates came crushing down on to my forehead, severely damaging my Frontal Lobe. The Frontal Lobe part of the brain control or is responsible for:

  • Memory and problem solving
  • Judgment and impulse control
  • Personality and emotions
  • Social communication
  • Planning and organising
  • Sexual behaviour

So it is a really important part of the brain. After the accident the damage caused me:

  • Severe personality and behavioural changes
  • Mood swings
  • Quick aggression
  • Severe memory and concentration problems
  • Difficulty carrying out simple instructions, easily confused
  • Does not know how to start
  • Repetitive and impulsive
  • Loss of simple movement
  • Sexual Disinhibition

I was taken to Hospital where an MRI scan has shown no brain damage as such, but my Frontal Lobe was a mess. Strangely I was sent home from the Hospital with the instructions to my family “wake him every 2 hours for the next 48 hours so he doesn’t fall into a coma”. For the next 3.5 months I could not stay awake – I had to sleep 20 hours plus a day, my family woke me for meals & hygiene – they kept me alive.

I had a whole raft of problems as a result of this accident:-

  • My memory was so bad I was not sure who the people looking after me were – they looked familiar, but I wasn’t sure, they told me who they were – after a minute or two I have forgotten.
  • Not all of my memory was like that, my long term memory was good and I could recall childhood and teenage years, however, my short term and medium term memory had gone. This memory problem went on for several months.
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  • The great thing about the human brain is that so much of it is unused. When a piece is damaged, after an accident, your brain rewires what it can’t repair. Just like the rest of the human body,-you can get better. But it will take time.
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Author: craig lock

ABOUT c the Author Craig has a 'passion' for writing books that tell stories about people doing positive things in this often so hard, sometimes unkind world, occasionally cruel, yet always amazing world - true stories that leave the reader feeling uplifted, empowered and hopefully even inspired. and from and Craig Lock loves to encourage and empower people to be the best they can possibly be, and to create what they want in life. Craig has learnt plenty from the "school of life" (still "battered and bruised") and also from a few "hard knocks on the head". He is an extensive world traveller (on a "shoestring budget") and failed professional emigrater who has spent most of his lifes savings on airfares. He is still sliding down the razor blade of life on the beautiful undiscovered island that is New Zealand, somewhere near the bottom (rude!) of the world near Antarctica. There he talks to the 60 million sheep! Craig has been involved in the corporate world (life assurance) for over twenty years in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. However, through a strange set of circumstances and finding himself in a small town near the bottom of the world ...and with nothing else to do, he started writing. That was five years ago. Five published books later and having written another twenty manuscripts (on widely differing subjects - well what else is there to do here?)... this is where Craig is in the "journey/adventure" that is life. Craig has taught at the local Polytechnic, as well as running a successful creative writing course (not teaching sheep!). He was the author of (as far as we know) the first creative writing course on the internet Craig has many varied interests and passions. He is particularly interested in the field of psychology – studying the human mind and what makes different people "tick-tock grandfather clock". He is fascinated by the "overlap between psychology and the dimension of spirituality". One of his missions in life is helping people make the most of their hidden potential and so finding their niche in life... so that they are happy. Craig’s various books probably tell more about his rather "eventful" life best (no one could believe it!). He writes books with serious messages and themes, then as a contrast "rather crazy, wacky stuff"…to keep him sane here. As an ‘anonymouse’ person wrote: "All of us are born mad; some of us remain so." Well nothing else much happens in quiet provincial New Zealand, other than headlines like "Golf Ball Thrown at Policeman" (it missed, btw!) and "Beach Toilet Closed for Season." True! The various books* that Craig “felt inspired to write” are available at ebooks (digital books) Paperbacks (see and"craig+lock"&sitesearch_type=STORE and All proceeds go to needy and underprivileged children – MINE! “When the writer is no more , the value of your purchase will soar! “ “Together, one mind, one life (one small step at a time), let’s see how many people (and lives) we can encourage, impact, empower, enrich, uplift and perhaps even inspire to reach their fullest potentials…and strive for and perhaps one sunny day even achieve their wildest dreams.” PPS Don’t worry about the world ending today… as it’s already tomorrow in scenic and tranquil ‘little’ New Zealand

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